“Denial of existence”: Salman Wazir

  It took me a lot of courage to say that the heart rendering story of death of “Alisha”, a transgender who succumbed to his/her injuries at Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, has once again raised questions on the moral values of our society/our nation. Questions that our nation has always been finding ways to avoid answering, as so many social stigmas are associated with it and nobody ever took the courage to address those issues. Denial to provide him/her the right to the right to equal health care is the latest example of how brutal and savage can we become, though claiming to be civilized and Ashraf -ul- Makhlooqat (the best of the creations of God Almighty). Despite the fact that studying in one of the most prestigious institutions of the country, as a future health care professional even I have no idea on how to deal with a […]